View between two cabins

The Foundation for the Conservation of the Tropical Andes (FCAT) is a non-profit organization committed to obtaining lasting conservation in the Andes mountain region in Ecuador. During an internship with the Albert and Tina Small Center for collaborative design, a joint effort ensued with the FCAT team of scientists and local stakeholders. The goal was to produce a final scheme for a cabin of which two would be built.

The cabins were to be for paying visitors and guests that visit the 1,500 acre reserve. This area is very secluded and completely separate from the main headquarters area of the reserve. Various schematic layouts for the proposed cabins of varying sizes were produced. The final selection is featured above. The FCAT team wanted a comfortable and simple design for their cabins that incorporated very durable materials like steel and concrete.

Concrete Footer Detail

A structural detail was also provided for them to initiate construction. The overall scope of involvement in the project did not go beyond the initial construction phase. To learn more about FCAT, visit their page.