Tetradic Theater

Tetradic Theater
Theater + Plaza | Fall 2019

The Tetradic Theater is adjacent to a proposed transit hub in the Riverside neighborhood of Toronto, CA. The context around the project was designed as an urban planning exercise. According to the masterplan, the plan is trapezoidal and is at the intersection of two major streets and the transit hub. This trapezoidal shape informs the façade of the building and, subsequently, the design of the plaza.

Site Diagram // Theater + Plaza Within Masterplan

The plaza is designed according to the proposed street design in the masterplan. The trapezoid façade is translated in plan at the plaza which includes a water feature, used as a skating rink during winter, and an informal performance stage. The building itself extends into the plaza through the pavilion. Two other small pavilions are featured and the plaza is landscaped with grass and trees in a checkered pattern.

Façade to Plaza Sequence
Four Scales within Plaza
Lobby Interior